One-Shot, Convention, & Bespoke Parlor LARP & Freeform Games


Theatre Arcanos runs LARPs based on popular fiction franchises, including works by Jim Butcher, Lois McMaster Bujold, Steven Brust, Patrick Rothfuss, and Joss Whedon. We do not run our derivative games for gain or as a commercial enterprise, but as a labor of love, and we consider them a sort of fan fiction. We, in fact, spend a fair-sized chunk of money out of our own pockets every time we run one. While we will accept and appreciate reimbursement for production or travel expenses, or donations of office supplies and props, we do not accept any sort of tips or remuneration for any of our derivative games.

The images used on our site and in our games are either free-to-use clip art, images in the public domain, or created by the credited artist for our use. The Theatre Arcanos logo was created by and is copyright Kimmi Allbee, and is used with permission.  Most other Theatre Arcanos props and graphics were created by Cayden Coronado, Mary McKay-Eaton, or Michelle McNeill.  The creator owns the copyright, and they are used with permission.

The Dresden Files were created by Jim Butcher. He owns all the copyrights, and richly deserves all the money. You should totally send him bucketfuls.

Lois McMaster Bujold is the creator of the Vorkosigan Saga books. She owns all the copyrights, and is very much deserving of any and all commercial gains from its existence.

Firefly was created by Joss Whedon, and while we still have not forgiven him for many things, including Wash, that doesn’t mean that he does not deserve the credit for creating the ‘Verse.

The Kingkiller Chronicles is a creation of Patrick Rothfuss. We’re eagerly awaiting Doors of Stone too, but in the meantime, please buy his other books.

Steven Brust wrote the Vlad Taltos books. He deserves the credit for those, except where we can blame Paarfi of Roundwood.

The Dresden Files is copyright Jim Butcher. Summit Arcane, Aces Wild, and Bride Price by Michelle McNeill, Matt Branstad, and David Coronado are derivative works in compliance with  Mr. Butcher’s posted FanFic policies.

Firefly and Serenity are copyright Mutant Enemy, Inc, 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures. Still Flyin’ and Burning Bridges are derivative works created by Michelle McNeill, Matt Branstad, and David Coronado, and to the best of our understanding, comply with Mr. Whedon’s fanfic policies.

The Vorkosigan Saga is copyright Lois McMaster Bujold. Blood Money by Matt Branstad, Michelle McNeill, and David Coronado is a derivative work in compliance with  Ms. Bujold’s posted FanFic policies.

The Vlad Taltos books are copyright Steven Brust. Jheregs’ Banquet by by Matt Branstad, Michelle McNeill, and David Coronado is a derivative work in compliance with Mr. Rothfuss’s posted FanFic policies.

The Kingkiller Chronicles are copyright Patrick Rothfuss. In a Tempest Tangled by Matt Branstad, Michelle McNeill, and David Coronado is a derivative work in compliance with Mr. Brust’s posted FanFic policies.

Our games use non-canonical characters and take place outside of the milieu of the books/program, but both game materials and play may reveal spoilers for the series.

Secret Agents, Scape Goats, and Never After are original works by Matt Branstad, Michelle McNeill, and David Coronado.