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Jheregs’ Banquet


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 Death attracts scavengers. In the wild, a dead deer attracts jhereg, venomous flying lizards who feed on carrion. In the city of Southpoint, the death of the head of the local underworld has drawn the interest of the Jhereg, the great house that controls illegal activity in the Dragaeran Empire. They’re not terribly concerned with why Baron Teldron fell off his balcony (onto a dagger), but rather with who will take his place. The local bosses have been “discussing” the matter for several weeks and the casualties are mounting. The Countess of Southpoint has hinted that the local Jhereg had best get their House in order before she is forced to take official notice, and the heads of the Jhereg have “suggested” that the issue be settled quickly before the fighting attracts the attention of the Empire.


 Tonight is the Jheregs’ quarterly business meeting, where the principal topic at hand will be the selection of a new Head of Organization interests in Southpoint. Each of the under-bosses who run the various districts of Southpoint will be there with their own daggers to grind. And if the intercine rivalries aren’t complication enough, the secretive sorcerers of the Left Hand have their own agenda to add to the mix. It’s a complicated menu of risk, money, magic, and betrayal, but what’s life without a little spice?



 Jheregs’ Banquet is an original parlor LARP written by Theatre Arcanos and set in the universe of Steven Brust’s Dragaeran Empire stories. This game takes place approximately 100 years before the time of Vlad Taltos and features 20 non-canonical pregenerated characters. Knowledge of the source material is useful, but not essential.