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Never After

Every happy ending is someone else’s tragedy.

Every tragedy is someone else’s happy ending.

Once upon a time, all of the stories were true. And if the worlds merge, they will be again. That’s great news if you’re the hero, but not so much if you’re the villain. 

It feels like an eternity in the Kingdoms since the spell was cast. The days pass, the seasons turn, but the years fail to grip. Nothing really changes. But really, that was the point of the Spell of Sundering, right? To exile enough critical characters that none of the stories can progress, and thus avoid the tragedies inherent in fairy tales.

But nothing lasts forever, even in fairy tales. One hundred years after the spell was cast, the magic ebbs and the exiles have been drawn back into our world. Tonight, we come together again, the ones who left and the ones who stayed and the ones who allowed it to happen. Tonight we reconnect, we renew alliances and enmities, and we decide what happens tomorrow. 

Shall the spell be renewed? If so, who should be banished to the other world? Or do we proclaim the experiment ended and wake tomorrow to a clock that, for the first time in a century, has begun to count down to a new day? For that matter, do the exiles even wish to return to the realms of fantasy, or have they become enchanted by their world of iPods, same-day delivery, and freedom from the relentless juggernaut of destiny? There are choices to be made, so use your head, listen to your heart, and try to think happy thoughts.

As the sweet caress of twilight steals over the land, there’s magic in the air. So slip into something you can dance in, grab your slippers, and call the coach – we’re going to the Ball! 

* * * * * * *

Never After is an original fantasy LARP by Theatre Arcanos, inspired by classic fairy tales from stage, screen, and literature. This event features 20 pregenerated characters based on fairy tale archetypes. Knowledge of the source material may be useful but dangerous, as many of these tales have multiple versions. Powers and combat mechanics are dice-based, while plot resolution depends on character interactions.