One-Shot, Convention, & Bespoke Parlor LARP & Freeform Games

Players Say

“I can unreservedly declare that the Gamestorm versions were made of 24 karat awesometonium, and contained 0% suck by weight.” – Jake Boone (Michael Rossi, Dorian Lo)

“I’m sorry to be so unhelpful, but I can come up with absolutely no ways this game could be made better! I can truly say it was one of the best nights of my life, and I would be overjoyed and honored to have the chance to participate in any future LARPs run by you guys – I say this three times.” – Amelia Gurley (Meadow)

“Any of your games would be my first choice of activity at any convention or gathering!” – Cody Ferris (Victoria Raith)

“I had the pleasure of playing in the Theatre Arcanos Firefly inspired game “Burning Bridges.” I have played in my fair share of LARPs through the ages, and, I just want to say, this team executed this game with professionalism, creativity, and fun. I was a last minute drop-in replacement, and I played the role of Station Manager Dorian Lo, on the Space Station Anubis. Considering how far they traveled to get to WyrdCon, they did an amazing job of decorating, and getting the set up and going. Likewise, the game rules and mechanics were some of the most seamless and easy that I’ve ever seen. The Narrators did an excellent job of keeping the game flow going, and game judgements and information were incredibly smooth. The game handouts were concise, and considering there were 20 some players (strangers in a room), the story coalesced quickly, and the game was a great deal of fun. I heartily recommend the Theatre Arcanos team, and if you are an event thinking you need a world class LARP crew, this is them, help them, pay them, and watch your patrons have a blast.” – True Thomas the Storyteller, (Traditional Teller, Game Designer, Event Producer, and Author)


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