One-Shot, Convention, & Bespoke Parlor LARP & Freeform Games


If you’d like us to come run our game for your convention (or group of players), here’s what we need:

Time: Minimum of 4 hours, including time for set up, pregame, wrap up, and pack out. 5 or 6 is better. We need access to the space an hour before players arrive.

Space Needs: 1 or 2 rooms with a minimum aggregate of 1000 square feet. If it is two rooms, they need to be connected. The game space needs to be quiet enough for players to hear normal conversation, and have electricity and bathrooms available.

Furnishings: Most of our games need at least 30 chairs, and a minimum of 4 tables, but that may vary depending on what we are running.  If we can’t bring our own drinks, we need a facility-provided water service.

Players: We have games that can run with as few as 10 players. 25 is the absolute maximum we can accommodate.

Staff Members: 3. If it’s a con we were not already planning on attending, comp badges for our Narrators definitely increase the chances of us running a game for you.

Printing costs: Vary from game to game, depending on what we can reuse from the previous run. Generally, they have averaged about $50. Offering to cover this means that our current budget situation does not impact our ability to run the game, so makes it more likely that we’ll say yes. This covers the folders, paper, ink cartridge refills, name tags, tape, lamination pouches, and other assorted supplies that we need.

Travel costs: Mileage would be calculated from Sacramento, California. We prefer driving to flying when it is possible. We can share a single hotel room. If the game site is not within about an hour’s drive of Sacramento, overnight accommodations are probably needed.

Notice: Varies depending on when you want us. If it’s a holiday weekend or May through August, we’ll need to know by October 1st of the previous year to have any chance of arranging for the time off. Non-holiday weekends from January to April and September through November, we might be able to accommodate on shorter notice. We’re not available in December at all.