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Scape Goats

“Genetic sequencing allowed us to document the recessive genes in goats. Gene splicing then let us selectively express recessives, in order to see what effects they have. It turns out that, under the right circumstances, a goat with the proper mix of recessives becomes a bloodthirsty killer…”
– Dr. J. Engstrom, discoverer of the chupacabra goat (capra aegagrus jacobi)

Welcome to the Zoo! You’re invited to the exclusive Donor Preview Night Gala.The San Cipriano Zoo is a cutting-edge research and educational center, blazing new trails in the fields of wildlife preservation, endangered species restoration, and public-private funding partnerships. Tonight, a select group of visitors and staff will get a sneak peek at the inhabitants of the zoo’s newest exhibit: the chupacabra!

Since Dr. Engstrom’s work is based on mature, reliable technology, there’s no chance that we’ll see a repeat of that dinosaur theme park fiasco. So come talk, socialize, and pet the cute baby goats. For your safety, no smoking, raw meat, or flash photography.

Scape Goats is an original parlor LARP written by Theatre Arcanos and set in the mythical city of San Cipriano on the Pacific coast of northern California. This game takes place in the present day and features 20 pregenerated characters.